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Software Recognition Service

Our Software Recognition Service deciphers your data to build a meaningful software list, enabling you to remain compliant, optimize spend, and free up time and resources for business-critical tasks.

To get the most value from the data held in your software asset management (SAM) tool, you need to simplify your data usage and organize it to make it more beneficial to you. Only then can you fully optimize your software usage, ensure compliance, and minimize future spend.

The challenge SAM managers face when optimizing their data is making sense of the lists of raw file data gathered from multiple inventory tools, gaining a single version of the truth for what is installed across your estate, and whether it is licensable or not. Our Software Recognition Service understands your raw data and turns it into valuable information for your SAM managers.

How our Software Recognition Service works

Our Software Recognition Service gives your organization power, visibility, and control over its data. Your software is categorized by our global team of License Dashboard data analysts, with unrecognized files and applications matched, normalized, and classified by our specialists. Our data analysts focus on the missing and unmatched signatures using our cognitive in-house data normalization and recognition systems that update our master dictionaries daily with new applications.


Benefits of License Dashboard’s Software Recognition Service

  • Save time investigating and reconciling raw data
  • Ensure correct inventory results
  • Automatically recognize installed software
  • Free up time and resources for business critical tasks
  • Reduce risk in your data protection systems