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License Dashboard SaaS Manager

License Dashboard SaaS Manager monitors SaaS subscriptions and cloud spend inside your organization to track usage and help you to stay in budget.

Managing the cost of AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform, and reducing expenditure in SaaS subscriptions is now a number one priority for many organizations.

Our SaaS management platform monitors your cloud computing and the potentially rapid rise in SaaS applications.

SaaS Manager features and benefits

Reduce cloud spend

Easily monitor, control, and optimize your cloud spend with SaaS Manager. License Dashboard provide users with automatic, intelligent cost saving recommendations for your SaaS products and IaaS platforms.

The platform identifies abandoned, unassigned, and underutilized licenses and detects unused features, providing recommendations for downgrading licenses to lower-cost payment plans.

Optimize SaaS subscriptions and spend

Make more informed decisions on your SaaS licenses and understand the potential cost savings available across products, platforms, and even individual users. By understanding application usage, optimize SaaS spend, comparing actual usage to available licenses and converting unused and underutilized applications into savings.

SaaS management with License Dashboard’s SaaS optimization platform

Our SaaS optimization platform provides ongoing scanning of SaaS subscriptions and cloud platforms, giving you detailed cost saving recommendations across your organization. With our SaaS subscription management and tool, underutilized and abandoned licenses are clearly highlighted with recommendations for more suitable licenses displayed based on individual users’ activity within applications, such as Office 365.

Cloud cost management

Cloud provides easy access to computing infrastructure and the ability to quickly scale up your platform to meet demand. But while scaling up is easy, tracking usage and scaling back down when appropriate is often forgotten, leading to unnecessary spend. Our solution makes managing SaaS applications simple by highlighting the costs for every server and virtual machine, identifying inactivity and preventing overspend. This allows your organization to scale up and down its cloud infrastructure, while ensuring costs remain predictable and within budget.

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