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License Dashboard API

Empower your organization with an IT asset management API solution that tracks, monitors, and enables you to share data.

An IT asset management API gives your organization greater control over software usage, reduces compliance risks, and optimizes your software investments.

License Dashboard API consolidates ITAM data, including information in storage, on networks, all devices, and software applications. Utilizing industry standard RESTful web interface, our IT asset management API is accessible from any software or device, both locally or through the internet. Any third-party solution can access License Manager securely, before feeding the information into the desired platform.

As APIs can be complex, we provide full, interactive documentation that ensures you understand how to pull the correct datasets, access the web interface, and execute the correct calls.

Features of License Dashboard API

  • Provides a standardized interface to retrieve and share ITAM
    data across any platform and system
  • Single and multi-tenanted
  • Secure signature authentication
  • Includes a ‘Try it out’ button, showing the response from
    License Dashboard API

Benefits of License Dashboard API

  • Gives you more value from your existing technology investments
  • Provides consistent levels of data transfer
  • Centralizes your ITAM data
  • Ensures information quality control

Access your ITAM API data securely

License Dashboard API is designed to be accessible locally and across the internet through secure publishing, ensuring that the data is available securely through any remote system. Third-party systems are granted access, enabling you to view, centralize, and consume data in your chosen platform.

Whether on-premise or through a managed service, License Dashboard API supports both single tenant and multi-tenant deployments.

Get more in-depth information about License Dashboard API

Take a look at our License Dashboard API datasheet for technical details.

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