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Discover License Dashboard SAMswitch and upgrade your SAM tool to be the best of the best.

Many organizations, just like yours, are encountering difficulties with their existing SAM tool, and it not delivering the expected results.

By taking advantage of our License Dashboard SAMswitch, our specialists will guide you through the seamless transition to a superior SAM tool. This upgrade offers enhanced functionality, top-notch support, and superior overall value.

Discover the features that make SAM Essentials by License Dashboard the best SAM tool:

  •  Discovery and inventory
  •  Software metering
  •  ITAM, SAM, and licensing training
  •  Advanced SAM support
  • SaaS and cloud monitoring
  •  Software recognition
  •  Compliance verification
  •  Dashboards and reporting
  •  Personal development plan
  •  Advanced advisory services
  • Quarterly health checks
  •  SAM maturity assessments
  •  SAM essential add-ons
  • SAM certification and qualification

Switch up your SAM game

Make the transition today and experience the difference License Dashboard can bring to your SAM journey.

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