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SAM Agile

Reduce software procurement costs, optimize software utilization, and lower risk with License Dashboard’s agile asset management software.

Today’s software industry needs flexible and efficient software license management. Based on agile sprint methodology, our agile asset management software gives your enterprise organization a lean and flexible software asset management (SAM) managed service to better respond to the ever-changing demands of the industry. 

agile asset management, sam agile

SAM Agile for the modern enterprise

Your organization has adopted lean, flexible business practices to better respond to the evolving demands of the industry, and your SAM service should reflect this. SAM Agile enables you to easily adapt to changing SAM requirements to deliver what you want, when you need it:


  • Target SAM priorities in a monthly sprint cycle depending on what’s required
  • React to unexpected demands without disrupting business-as-usual
  • Access leading agile asset management technology from specialist SAM consultants

Benefits of SAM Agile

Our agile asset management produces a series of actionable outcomes monthly, all of which have a business value pin-pointed against them. This allows your organization to accurately track the cost optimization or risk mitigation opportunities identified against every piece of work completed. This frees up your IT teams’ time to focus on other projects that enable you to meet your organization’s wider business goals.

agile asset management, sam agile

Value where you need it

SAM Agile’s monthly sprints allow you to focus attention on areas likely to produce the most valuable cost saving or risk mitigation opportunities.

agile asset management, sam agile

Eliminate wasted effort

Every activity completed within SAM Agile is focused on cost savings or risk mitigation, work is only carried out if it has been identified as a priority.

agile asset management, sam agile

Flexibility in your SAM service

Adjust the intensity of your SAM program to match the requirements of your business, allowing you to increase and decrease activity throughout the year.

agile asset management, sam agile

React to unexpected demands

Unexpected activities, such as vendor audit defence, can be added to a current sprint at any time, and the activity begins immediately.

agile asset management, sam agile

Engage internal stakeholders

Stakeholders outside of the SAM team – from product owners to platform managers – can now directly access services provided by SAM Agile.

agile asset management, sam agile

Tie value to every activity

Each sprint review details the value provided by every activity for either cost optimization or risk mitigation, allowing you to accurately measure ROI throughout.

Discover more about Agile Asset Management Software

SAM Agile provides your organization with a flexible, managed solution designed to adapt perfectly to your needs. Contact our specialists to discover more about SAM Agile and how it supports your organization.

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