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Jonny Buxey

Project Manager

16 January 2024

Michaela Gray


Our Project Manager, Jonny, discusses his journey into the tech industry, his success within our SAM team, and why the License Dashboard culture stands out.



How did you get into the industry?

I got into the industry by chance. After spending much of my career in retail, I was looking for a change while hoping to utilize the skill set I had built over my working life. A family friend who worked in the industry asked had I ever thought about project management, and I applied for a role as a Technical Project Manager for a local authority and never looked back!


What appealed to you about the industry?

I have always had an interest in IT, I took ICT for both GCSE and A-Levels. With the IT industry evolving and growing at such a rapid rate over the last few years, I thought it would be a great time to join the tech industry and develop my career.


Tell us about your career history and what led you to License Dashboard

I started my career in retail, working in that sector for many years, both in customer service and sales, managing teams of up to 40 people. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much of a work/ life balance, so I wanted a change that would allow me to spend more time with my family. Using my pre-existing skills, I became a Technical Project Manager for a local authority where I learnt my trade and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was approached about a job opening at License Dashboard, and after researching the company, I knew it would be a great place to continue my career.


What’s your experience of working at License Dashboard so far?

It’s a brilliant company to work for! Based on the way I’ve been welcomed; it feels like I’ve worked here for a lot longer than a year! Everyone is so friendly, helpful, and has made me feel like a part of a great community and team. The License Dashboard team are a close-knit group run by some fantastic leaders with a clear vision of how to improve and grow as a business, it’s an exciting time to be a member of the team.


Tell us a little bit about your role

I currently manage multiple software asset management projects for a wide range of customers in multiple sectors including healthcare, education, government, and the private sector. I support with the full lifecycle of the project and ensure that all projects are kept on track, delivered on time, and to the highest standard. I manage all internal and external resources, liaising with senior stakeholders, and ensuring customer satisfaction.


How would you describe the culture at License Dashboard?

Different class! Straight away I was made to feel like one of the team and not just another number. Within two weeks I had met all the directors and senior managers, which was a great touch and a brilliant way to understand the business. Employees do really come first here. There are many different channels of communication to help and support all aspects of both your personal and professional life, lots of social events throughout the year, and there’s always something exciting happening in the office.

Would you like to join the License Dashboard Team?

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Michaela has worked within the industry for over 11 years, both within sales and marketing. She works closely with the team to support them with all their marketing needs and maintains and promotes the License Dashboard brand.

Michaela Gray

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