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License Dashboard: software asset management

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License Dashboard SAMswitch

Make the transition today and experience the difference License Dashboard can bring to your SAM journey.

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License Manager

Empower your organization to optimize and control its data center, cloud, and desktop software estate with the most complete SAM tool available.

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Case study: EDF takes the power back

Find out how we worked with EDF to provide strong visibility and control over its software estate and optimize software costs with SAM Essentials.

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SAM Essentials

SAM Essentials supports your organization to rapidly implement your chosen SAM tool and accelerate ROI.

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Cloud cost optimization

Start managing cloud costs to reduce spend, mitigate risks, and increase productivity now with our cloud cost optimization services.

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SAM Agile

SAM Agile is dynamic SAM managed service that delivers greater value and ROI, enabling you to cost-effectively meet your stakeholders’ needs.

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Reduce your organization’s SaaS, cloud, data center, and desktop software spend and maximize your potential with License Dashboard’s software asset management (SAM) solutions.

Immediate cost savings on your software spend

By accurately discovering and reporting your entire software estate, highlighting duplicate applications, unused programs and shadow IT, and re-allocating existing licenses rather than buying additional ones, our software asset management services instantly reduce your software license spend in the first 12-months, with additional savings year on year.

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Software asset management is a priority

Software continues to develop rapidly and is an integral part of any business. But managing that software manually can negatively impact your organization’s productivity and profitability.

Software asset management empowers you to save time and money, reduce risk and ensure compliance, and improve ROI.

Benefits of software asset management

Cost management

Plan, control, and significantly reduce the costs associated with software assets to maximize your IT budgets.

Cost optimization

Continuously reduce your software spend while maximizing business value.

Risk mitigation

Reduce the financial implications of potential risks and reduce the likelihood that those risks will happen.

Microsoft SPLA

Speed to value

Increase business value by balancing cost, risk, and the speed of digital transformation.

What we do: our products

License Dashboard License Manager

Successful management of your software licenses with the most complete SAM tool available. Enable your organization to optimize and control its data center, cloud, and desktop software estate.

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License Dashboard License Manager

License Dashboard Portal

Reduce your software spend, manage IT projects, and monitor application usage across your entire estate with an intuitive business intelligence portal.

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License Dashboard Portal

License Dashboard Discovery

Total visibility of your software assets to enable you to successfully establish a long-term Software Asset Management program for your organization.

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License Dashboard Discovery

License Dashboard SaaS Maager

Simplify and improve the process of tracking, managing, and optimizing SaaS spend and cloud costs.

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License Dashboard SaaS Manager

License Dashboard Universal Data

Eliminate the challenges of rationalizing IT asset information from multiple systems into a single version of truth – on demand.

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License Dashboard Universal Data

License Dashboard API

Empower your organization to access the valuable data stored within your License Manager database.

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License Dashboard API

License Dashboard ScanWin

ScanWin enables the inventory of Windows devices without needing to deploy an agent.

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License Dashboard ScanWin

What we do: our services

SAM Essentials

Enables your organization to rapidly implement a SAM tool with support to accelerate your speed to value, including personal development plans, mentoring, health checks, and compliance validation.

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License Dashboard

SAM Agile

A dynamic SAM managed service that delivers greater value and return on investment with a flexible schedule. SAM Agile proactively enables you to meet business-wide stakeholder demand, while guaranteeing cost efficiency, risk mitigation, and productivity.

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License Dashboard SAM Agile

SAM Insights

Deep financial and compliance insights that mitigate risk, identify cost optimization, and accelerate adoption of digital transformation, either on-premise or in the cloud.

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License Dashboard SAM Insights

ServiceNow and SAM

Take control of all your IT assets through one portal, enabling IT, finance, and procurement to collaborate effectively.

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License Dashboard ServiceNow and SAM

Software Recognition Service

Enables you to fully optimize your software usage, ensure compliance, and reduce future spend.

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License Dashboard Software Recognition Service

Software Product Categorization

Drive data insights, align your business strategy to IT, and generate cost savings.

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License Dashboard Software Product Categorization