License Dashboard ScanWin

License Dashboard ScanWin version 2.2 is a flexible agentless device discovery and inventory solution that collects detailed device hardware, operating system, and software installation and usage information from Windows devices.

ScanWin runs on Windows machines with Microsoft .NET Framework v4.5.2 or later installed. It uses Microsoft WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) to communicate with Windows devices to collect inventory data.

License Dashboard ScanWin features and benefits

inventory management solutions

Instant scanning option for assets not captured by current systems

inventory management solutions

Alternative agent-less mission critical servers solutions for inventory management

inventory management solutions

Enrich current systems unable to distinguish product editions, such as Microsoft SQL Server

inventory management solutions

Fully configurable to ensure rapid results with minimal network impact

inventory management solutions

Option to fully automate for persistent or single scan

inventory management solutions

No additional database requirement

inventory management solutions

Available for both on-premise and Licence Manager as a service (LMaaS)

Information collected by our inventory management solutions

  • Device hardware and configuration information
  • Windows operating system edition
  • Installed software (Microsoft Installer (MSI))
  • Microsoft SQL Server instances and editions
  • Microsoft SQL Server LocalDB instances and versions
  • Microsoft Windows Internal Database versions
  • Exchange Server versions, editions, and roles
  • Serial numbers from supported vendors
  • FlexLM license server and licence key information
  • Software last used information
  • Anti-virus products installed and status
  • Disk space usage
  • Network adapters and TCP/ IP configuration
  • Environmental variables
  • Running processes
  • Detect computers running Hyper-V and Guest VMs
  • Active Directory registrations
  • Autodesk specific forensics data (optional)
  • Siemens specific forensics data (optional)

ScanWin discovers devices using the below methods:

Single device: provide the device name when running the utility

List of devices: provide a simple text file containing a list of device names

Active Directory: retrieve device names from Active Directory

IP address range: computers detected within a specified IP address range or CIDR network address

Computer exclusions: a named list of computers provided in a simple text file to exclude

License Dashboard ScanWin specification and access

  • Network access to each Windows device that will be scanned is required, in addition to the relevant credentials to authenticate with the device and sufficient permissions to query WMI
  • Windows firewalls should be configured to permit WMI communication
  • ScanWin can use either a logged-on user’s credentials (integrated authentication) for accessing Active Directory and scanning devices, or credentials can be provided for an alternative user account
  • Credentials can be provided when running the utility, with full support of License Dashboard SecureCredentials where the username and password are encrypted
  • ScanWin scans multiple devices simultaneously. The number of simultaneous connections is configured in the ScanWin.exe. configuration file
  • Multiple simultaneous connections decrease the time it takes to scan multiple devices, but can also increase network load. However, as it uses standard WMI, the network load will generally be low

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