Software Product Categorisation

Gain knowledge about your software estate to drive data insights, align your business strategy to IT, and generate cost savings.

In many organisations, the information available for hardware and software assets is often inconsistent, incomplete, inaccurate, or simply unavailable. But with complete and transparent categorisation of software in your organisation’s entire software estate you have the power to drive data-insights, align IT projects to your overall business strategy, and generate cost savings.

Utilising our software categorisation tools and services gives you understanding of the software installed on your network. Our tools allow IT and operations managers to make the most effective business decisions using the global standard United Nations Standard Products and Services Code (UNSPSC) classification system.

Understand by application category the software installed and classify products to drive licencing planning and procurement decisions. Software categorisation empowers your IT and procurement departments to report the annual spend on software by product type, understanding exactly where and on which products that spend is predominantly allocated. Your procurement team can then investigate whether savings can be made with alternative providers or use this information to create more efficient images for user profiles.

Features and benefits of Software Product Categorisation

Rationalise software to reduce spend

Category reports for spend and compliance

User profiling to ensure that users have the software they specifically need

Enhance procurement by preventing unnecessary spend

Plan ahead for new software requirements rather than acting on an ad-hoc basis for each request

Understand the purpose of all software installed

React quickly and effectively to cyber security risks

Release time and resources for business-critical tasks

Reduce the risk of licencing non-compliance

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