SAM Essentials

Achieve effective software asset management (SAM) with our SAM managed services and reach your business goals in three simple steps with License Dashboard SAM Essentials.

Designed to suit the requirements of your organisation, License Dashboard SAM Essentials gives you full access to
manage your entire software estate with support from our specialists. Using our flagship SAM tool,
License Manager,
identify three, five, or ten key software vendors for quick onboarding and immediate management.

Our experienced SAM consultants work with your team to ensure quick onboarding and immediate management of your key software,
as well as providing quarterly health checks to ensure your organisation continues to get the most value from its SAM investment.

Features and benefits of our software asset manager too, SAM Essentials

  • Industry-leading SAM tool and managed service
  • Dedicated License Dashboard SAM Consultant
  • SAM tool and software licencing training
  • Quarterly health checks from experienced SAM specialists
  • Gain industry recognised qualifications
  • Increased speed-to-value for your SAM program
  • Accelerated learning and quick product adoption
  • Guaranteed return on investment (ROI)
  • Builds your SAM capabilities for the future

Product. Service. Training

SAM Essentials empowers cost savings and compliance risk reduction with an effective SAM program that gives your team the skills to manage your organisation’s software licences effectively.

By combining your SAM tool investment with service and SAM managed services support provided by License Dashboard SAM specialists, your organisation gets the essentials of a SAM program while building for the future with structured SAM training.

Product: License Dashboard Licence Manager

License Manager is a powerful, easy-to-use platform that allows organisations to accurately manage software licences. The tool provides advanced licencing automation, speeding up day-to-day tasks for software asset managers and ensuring that complicated licence metrics are calculated correctly.

License Manager guarantees that your organisation is receiving the maximum ROI on its software purchases, saving you money on your software spend.

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Select the Software for SAM Managed Services:

Our SAM consultants get your organisation’s SAM program up and running quickly – in days, not months. Select three, five, or ten key vendors to be managed by our specialists. The proof of entitlement and software inventory for your selected vendors is validated and uploaded on your behalf, with continued quarterly health checks to authenticate your compliance status.

Your organisation’s own SAM manager has full access to License Dashboard License Manager and can continue to manage all vendors deployed across your software estate.

Develop your own skills with our SAM managed services

Our software asset management managed service includes extensive training and support provided as a part of License Dashboard SAM Essentials. Allowing you to select a team member to be the owner of your SAM program, regardless of SAM experience.

We provide a structured three-year development plan, assessed quarterly by your dedicated License Dashboard SAM consultant. Your SAM owner also receives access to both the online License Dashboard Training Academy and online licencing training provided by The ITAM Review, both awarding industry recognised qualifications.

Additional service options for additional vendors

Onboard additional vendors in line with your organisation’s changing requirements.

License Dashboard Discovery

License Dashboard’s discovery solutions, License Dashboard Discovery and License Dashboard ScanWin provide agent-based or agentless scanning for your organisation.

Audit support services

Our team of consultants provide audit defence or support services to ensure risk of non-compliance is further minimised.

Software optimisation service

Ensure your Microsoft spend and future licencing plan is fully optimised with a full review of your current licence estate and business requirements.

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