License Dashboard Academy

Supports your organization with the skills and knowledge to make full use of our SAM products and manage your IT estate successfully.

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Getting certified by License Dashboard Academy, maximizes your organization’s investment in License Manager and ensures that the entire software lifecycle across your network reaches its full potential.

Whether you are a new or experienced License Manager user, our training academy guides you through each workspace to support your organization
to manage its IT assets effectively. It empowers users to understand key details of their environment and how to share these with senior management to
secure buy-in.

Features and benefits of License Dashboard Academy

  • Free and easy to use
  • Industry recognized certification
  • On-demand training
  • Qualified tutors
  • Downloadable resources
  • Up to date tool training
  • Learn from anywhere when it’s convenient for you
  • Lifelong user membership

How it works

License Dashboard Academy provides short, computer-based training modules that focus on achieving a specific set of learning objectives. Delivered as a combination of online videos and exam-based training, it is based on realistic scenarios and is developed by consultants who use the tools daily.

At the end of each module, users complete a short assessment to identify their accomplishments or training needs. Once each License Dashboard module is completed, you will gain an industry recognized qualification: Certified License Manager.


License Dashboard Academy guides users through all License Manager workspaces:




License records

Contract records

License entitlements


Data cleanse


In-depth SAM training modules from SAM specialists

Focusing on our flagship product, License Manager, our video-based modules are designed to support you to fully utilize your technology investments.

Our License Dashboard Academy training modules include:

  • License Dashboard Portal
  • Advanced Training: Microsoft
  • Advanced Training: Adobe
  • License Dashboard Product Updates

Certified SAM training, when you want it

Step-by-step, the License Dashboard Academy takes users through specific software asset management tasks within the tool, with each module targeting a different core area or functionality. As each module is completed you will take an assessment, and following your final assessment, you will be awarded the Certified License Manager (CLM) qualification.

Users are given unlimited access to move through the modules at their own pace, giving you the ability to refer to past modules to review and refresh their knowledge, and address their unique user-based queries.

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