Free IT Health Check

Get your free IT Health Check now. Our IT software and hardware assessment shows you how to optimise your IT estate to reduce costs and identify areas of potential risk.

Fully understanding your IT estate is a crucial first step in optimising your software and hardware spend, protecting against vulnerabilities, and planning major upgrades to your IT infrastructure. It provides insight into the health of your environment and highlights where you need to make improvements or changes to ensure optimal efficiency.


License Dashboard’s IT Health Check

Our free assessment analyses your organisation’s IT deployments and reviews the health of the software and hardware being used by your employees.

Your report includes:

  • An overview of the software installed and what versions each is running
  • Identification of areas that is putting your organisation at risk of a security breach
  • Analysis of deployed software by release date to identify areas requiring upgrade

Free IT Health Check

The benefits of an IT software and hardware assessment

Our free IT software and hardware assessmentanalyses your IT data to provide an intuitive report into the status
of your IT deployments,
empowering your organisation to:

  • Review anti-virus deployment
  • Mitigate software risks and reduce software renewal costs
  • Improve the security of your network and devices
  • Oversight of software end-of-life dates and multiple
    software installations
  • Speed up manual tasks
  • Understand the challenges and risks of outdated
    IT deployments
  • Identify potential cost savings
  • Rationalise application sprawl with software categorisation
  • Increase transparency of IT organisational assets
  • Check IT licence compliance