License Dashboard Discovery

Licence Dashboard Discovery is an IT hardware and inventory management software that allows you to monitor application usage and tracks all IT inventory assets deployed across your organisation.

Software and IT Hardware Inventory Management

Whether the aim is to take control of software licencing or reduce IT costs, License Dashboard Discovery provides a baseline of asset information across your entire network.

Our software asset management tools are capable of multi-platform discovery across Unix, Linux, and Windows network with agent-based and agentless solutions.

License Dashboard Discovery sits on the desktop or server and collects critical hardware and software information, ready to be quickly deployed either from the administration console or via your organisation’s preferred application deployment solution.

We’ve combined agent-based with agentless audits on the same network, using agents where it is preferable to do so and avoiding deploying agents to particularly sensitive parts of the network.

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License Dashboard Discovery features

  • Asset list: our IT asset management inventory tool details information of each device, including the device name and domain, operating system and service pack level, the device type, IP address, and the last time the device contacted the server
  • Hardware IT inventory: our IT asset inventory dashboard provides an extensive overview of the hardware and operating system configuration of each device
  • Software inventory tool: provides the installed software list for each device, including manufacturer name, product name, and version
  • Microsoft product ID inventory: a list of the Microsoft product IDs on each device along with the product name, edition, and version. The intel from our Windows device inventory and dashboard is essential for showing which product edition media and ID was used for installing Microsoft software
  • Software usage metering: our software inventory tool monitors application usage and get detailed information, including the product details, how often it was started, how long it was run for, when it was last used, and who was the user


We’ve partnered with Lansweeper to provide a full end-to-end IT asset management inventory discovery technology that covers all platforms, linking back into License Manager with the option to schedule data collection on any frequency.

Lansweeper comes with a variety of scanning methods to accommodate any network configuration and allows you to configure scanning to suits your organisation’s needs. Schedule a full network scan by IP range and set critical servers to be scanned every hour or use active scanning and integrate active directory to continuously keep your inventory up to date.

A wide range of computer details are scanned for Windows machines. Hardware, software, event logs, Windows updates, and product keys are just a few of the items within the inventory.

Lansweeper enables you to scan off-site computers that are not part of your network, and agent based scanning takes full, local inventories of your client machines. Transferring the scanned information to the Lansweeper database can be done manually, via email, or automatically through a direct server connection.

Using Lansweeper as a software inventory management and IT inventory discovery tool for all your hardware and software data is beneficial as it collects data from multiple platforms, Unix, Linux, Wintel, and Mac on a chosen schedule and shows a single view of your estate within License Manager.

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