SAM Insights

License Dashboard’s SAM Insights provides organisations with the information, resources, and tools needed to drive innovation and unlock the true value of their IT investments.

Reduce spend, improve security, and increase efficiency with SAM Insights

Most organisations have areas of their IT estate that can be improved by investing in software asset management (SAM), including:

  • Understanding software usage and licencing options to reduce spend
  • Identifying areas of vulnerability with aging or unpatched software deployments
  • Ensuring major projects, such as cloud transition or company mergers, are conducted efficiently

Even for organisations with a mature IT asset management system in place, interpreting and acting upon the data insights provided by a software asset management tool, platform, or managed service can be challenging.

SAM Insights gives your organisation a range of projects and reviews based on software asset management data, with no long-term commitment required. Each targeted activity provides cost savings, prevents licence compliance risk, assists with software vendor related issues, and reports on IT infrastructure.

Benefits of SAM Insights

Be informed

Empowers a greater ability to make decisions or judgements based on an understanding of the facts.

Be knowledgeable

Gives you a better understanding of your IT estate before acting on a requirement.

Be prepared

Ensures you are ready before starting a project.

Be aware

Provides a greater understanding of risks and how to take action to reduce or eliminate them.

Be proactive

Enables you to create or control a situation rather than just responding to it after it has happened.

Be advised

Gives you access to specialist knowledge to act on scenarios with advice and guidance.