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Taking your Software Asset Management Programme to the Next Level

21 February 2014

Sean Robinson

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Although Software Asset Management programmes are becoming more common place, it’s important that they evolve to stay ahead of the modern day challenges. Regardless of whether an organization uses a specific SAM tool, outsources it to a third party or simply uses an inventory tool backed by a manual process, it should be embedded at the heart of the company’s IT strategy and continuously evaluated.

Why? Because SAM is about continuous improvement, it’s about maximizing your budgets and enabling employees to deliver against their roles – but just like mainstream technology constantly evolves, so does SAM…

So it begs the question – is your SAM programme as efficient and effective as it could be?

A statistic from states that 73 per cent of 1,000 US and UK IT professionals said they had to call or email their internal IT helpdesk to get the application they needed, while 40 percent said they had to chase their initial request and 15 percent said they have never received the software they required.

Clearly SAM is about more than knowing what software is installed, being used and what licenses you own – it’s also about delivering a service to your employees, enabling them to deliver against their roles.

Learning from proven strategies

Self-service has become familiar to us as we shop online, get cash from an ATM, process our own grocery shopping and download Apps for fun! So why not adopt a self-service approach for requesting software within your organization? By implementing an AppStore you’re delivering a service to your employees, aligning all the stakeholders and taking control of your software for good! Gone are the days that employees waste time managing the process themselves, that unnecessary licenses get purchased and that software gets installed without permission!

Considering all of this, it’s unsurprising that the most progressive CEO’s see SAM as a fundamental driving force behind their organization’s success. Join us on our informative webinars to see how an AppStore can help you take control of your proactive SAM strategy.

Sean is a pioneer of SAM with over 20 years’ experience in software licensing compliance. He developed our industry leading, software asset and license management tool, License Manager, delivering SAM services to some of the largest companies in the world.

Sean Robinson

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