Dublin City Council

Find out how investing in License Manager supported Dublin City Council to effectively manage its software assets, ensure compliance, and optimize costs

Dublin City Council implemented License Manager in 2011 and has successfully used our software asset management (SAM) technology to manage and optimize its IT network ever since.

The organization invested in License Manager with the support of License Dashboard partner, Phoenix to replace its existing SAM system, which had been based on multiple Excel spreadsheets managed by a small team.

Efficient processes and improved IT security

Prior to the installation of License Manager, searching through several spreadsheets to locate license information had proved a laborious and time-consuming task, allowing little scope for cost-saving efficiencies and leaving potential for licensing compliance issues. The process was also less secure and entirely dependent on the council’s employees to manually process and manage software license information.

Integration with SCCM

Dublin City Council selected License Manager after the technology demonstrated clear evidence of applying license management intelligence to its software estate and excellent value in terms of return on investment (ROI). The discovery tool agnostic capabilities of License Manager also allowed the organisation to integrate the SAM platform with Microsoft Systems Centre Configuration Manager (SCCM).

Identifying cost saving opportunities

License Manager is in daily use at Dublin City Council where the SAM team are dependent on the technology to:

  • Manage its software assets
  • Ensure licensing compliance
  • Identify cost saving opportunities
  • Produce regular reports for senior management and auditors

Proactive software asset management

The council can now easily identify the duplication of software records, which has resulted in cost reductions and more efficient software asset management. License Manager empowers the council to be proactive in managing its software assets and gain greater control and understanding over its IT estate, allowing the organization to control expenditure and budget more effectively.

The result

  • Proactively reduced software spend
  • Improved security of IT processes
  • Automated manual tasks
  • Minimized risk of licensing non-compliance
  • Integrated easily with existing SCCM technology
  • Improved reporting and auditing processes
  • Eased access to IT network data

“Information is easy to access with License Manager and it has allowed us to be proactive in gathering information on non-compliant software. The automation of connectors to our discovery systems allows us to collate information quickly compared to previous manual extracts. The dashboards give an instant view of software compliances and non-compliances, it is easy to find where the gaps in non-compliant software are. The information given on software including last user and version control is vital in the continued maintenance and optimization of our software estate.”


Elaine Walsh

Service Desk Manager

Dublin City Council

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