Clare Metcalfe

Interim Managing Director

19 April 2024



Our Interim Managing Director, Clare Metcalfe discusses her journey into the tech industry, her success within our SAM team, and why the License Dashboard culture stands out.

LDD - Clare Metcalfe

How did you get into the industry?

By chance! I joined a company back in the late 80’s in an administration role. The business happened to sell IT hardware and software across the UK into corporate entities, which provided me with a wide experience of the marketplace, thus introducing me to the industry.


What appealed to you about the industry?

The variety and the speed of change.  Back in the 80’s and 90’s the evolvement of technology felt fast paced, though now looking back, it was nothing compared to the trajectory that we are now on!


Tell us about your career history and what led you to License Dashboard

I’ve been so lucky to have had such a varied career within the framework of IT.

As I mentioned above, it was luck that brought me to the world of IT, but once in, there was no way I was leaving it! I have worked for small start-up businesses, national multi-site companies and organisations everywhere in between. My previous roles have covered sales, purchasing, credit control, technical support, software testing, training, and in the smaller businesses, just anything and everything that needed to be done to ensure our success.

It was my software testing area that brought me into the heart of License Dashboard. That allowed me to deep dive into the world of software asset management, the nuances that can bring and how having a tool like License Manager and associated services is key to ensuring a compliant and optimised estate.


What’s your experience of working at License Dashboard so far?

In my position, working with the License Dashboard development, testing, auditing, and delivery teams, what stands out is the pride that people have in their roles. Each and every person wants to ensure that their part of the License Dashboard jigsaw is the best that they can deliver.

The teams pull together with the one aim in ensuring that our product and services resonate for our customers, providing them not only with peace of mind about their current estate, but also showcasing how the team can assist to broaden the services offered. Whether this includes optimisation of licences, understanding the age of their laptop estate, or which models have the lowest carbon footprint.


Tell us a little bit about your role

I work with the superb management team of License Dashboard supporting on current and future strategies. And as mentioned above I work with the development, testing, and delivery teams where I am involved in the operational elements of these areas.


How would you describe the culture at License Dashboard?

People are supportive and encouraging across all the departments which really helps drive a strong culture of inclusiveness and wellbeing.

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