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Organizations often struggle with finding and choosing the best IT Asset Management (ITAM) tool for their needs, as well as deciding whether to manage ITAM in-house or outsource it to a service provider. We understand the difficulties organizations like yours face, which is where SAM Essentials comes in.

By blending a powerful SAM tool with the knowledge of one of our ITAM Specialists, SAM Essentials seeks to tackle the challenges that come with ITAM selection and management.

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Challenge 1: Identifying the right IT asset management tool

Choosing the most suitable IT asset management tool requires careful evaluation of features, capabilities, and costs. Organizations need to identify their specific requirements, such as asset tracking, license management, compliance, and reporting functionalities.

Add to that the average time spent on just ITAM…


… that is 13 working weeks of time spent managing ITAM.

SAM Essentials simplifies this process by offering a curated SAM tool that aligns with diverse business needs, reducing the time and effort required for tool selection.


Challenge 2: Maximizing tool usage and implementation with ITAM

Having a powerful IT asset management tool is not enough to guarantee the best results, with organizations facing difficulties in using and deploying it effectively. Lack of knowledge can reduce cost savings and compliance advantages.

SAM Essentials combines the SAM tool with the support of a skilled ITAM Specialist, giving you their insights and IT asset management best practices to help optimize tool usage and implementation, ensuring ideal outcomes.


Challenge 3: Managing costs and return on investment using IT asset management solutions

Cost considerations play a significant role in decision-making. Evaluating total cost of ownership, including licensing fees, implementation expenses, maintenance costs, and training requirements is essential. SAM Essentials offers a cost-effective IT asset management solution with its comprehensive package at a competitive price point.


Challenge 4: Navigating expertise and resource constraints through IT asset management best practices

Internal management of ITAM requires a specialized skill set and dedicated resources, with resource constraints making it challenging for smaller organizations. SAM Essentials addresses this issue by offering the expertise and experience of an ITAM Consultant as part of the solution. This partnership allows organizations to leverage specialized knowledge without significant internal investments.


Challenge 5: Strengthening compliance and enhancing efficiency

Ensuring compliance and efficiency are vital in ITAM. SAM Essentials combines a robust SAM tool with the guidance of an ITAM Consultant, addressing data security, privacy regulations, and industry-specific compliance requirements. This integrated approach strengthens compliance measures, streamlines processes, and enhances efficiency, reducing the risk of non-compliance.

Selecting the right IT asset management tool and determining the best approach for management can be complex. SAM Essentials offers a comprehensive solution by combining a robust SAM tool with the expertise of an ITAM Consultant. By leveraging SAM Essentials, businesses strengthen compliance, enhance efficiency, and unlock the full potential of their ITAM practices for long-term success.


SAMswitch: helping you change SAM tools without the hassle

We help companies switch from their current SAM tools to our SAM Essentials solution with our SAMswitch program. SAMswitch addresses the problems and difficulties that organizations have when they change their SAM tools, providing extensive training, support, and advice throughout any challenges.

As soon as you’re prepared, you will get a dedicated specialist who will design, create, and manage your new License Dashboard SAM Essentials environment in four to eight weeks, making your transition period fast and easy. After this time, you will have a complete, proactive SAM tool with a long support period.

Alternatively, get in touch with James to find out more about the options available to you and receive a solution tailored to your organization.

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