Five top tips for maximising your IT budget in 2023

13 January 2023

Michaela Gray


The importance of budgeting is vital for your organisation, and starting the year off strong is essential. Discover how to maximise your IT budget now.

IT cost optimisation uses strategies and techniques to optimise your budget usage for the future, and involves identifying and changing any excess resources or unnecessary licences. By having an effective IT budget, you will have more money going back into the business to innovate and improve efficiency, productivity, and revenue. It’s the key to sticking to your budgets and producing high revenue consistently, with a reported up to 61% of organisations planning to optimise their cloud use for cost savings.

Why is it important to maximise your IT budget?

Cloud optimisation is a process that produces high rewards, such as reduced costs and improved productivity. However, maximising your IT budget is essential not only for reducing costs and improving productivity, but for making the most of your cloud software too.

Cloud cost optimisation involves finding and running the most efficient cloud services at the lowest cost to ensure you’re getting the greatest benefits for your money. It’s essential to understand your cloud costs in order to maximise your IT budget.

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How to maximise your IT budget

1. Organisation is key

Organisation is essential to making your organisation’s budget stretch. In knowing exactly what features you have, what you need, and what they cost, you will understand where your money is being spent. This ensures you’re able to assess and make changes when necessary to maximise your expenses.

Keeping organised and knowledgeable about your spending is the first step towards maintaining an effective IT budget.

2. Prepare in advance

To ensure you’re staying on top of your budget, keep track of your expenses ahead of time. Before making any major purchases, calculate the cost of it over the cost of all your other expenses. Make sure you catch any price fluctuations before they happen as this allows you to make adjustments to your budget accordingly.

3. Look into the future

Don’t use data from previous quarters to determine your budget for the future. Price, usage, and customer numbers change constantly, so your budget should be designed to work around these fluctuations to stay efficient. It was found that 93% of enterprises have a process to forecast cloud expenditures, so if you don’t have this process set up yet, we recommend that you invest now.

Looking back on previous budgets will dilute the effectiveness of your budget, so it’s essential to put the work in and plan for the future.

4. Take profits into account

If your organisation sees sales and growth, you need to take into account the increase in costs you’ll experience, and budget according to that as looking at the bigger picture as opposed to solely the current state is essential.

5. Think about the use of your resources

Be smart about where you are using resources. If your IT department is handing out certain licences or subscriptions to employees who don’t need them, this will incur unnecessary costs. Instead, ensure that only employees that actually need a certain product are receiving it. This means no additional, unneeded costs are being made.

The benefits of maximising your IT budget

As mentioned, maximising your budget unlocks a huge number of benefits for your organisation:

  • Reduces unnecessary cloud costs

    This is the benefit most organisations hope for because reducing costs means you can focus your spending on innovations and projects that will support the growth of your organisation

  • Improves productivity

    Analysing your cloud usage allows you to identify the tasks your organisation manages and reduce them. This gives your IT team free time to focus on more important tasks that will improve your overall business processes

  • Improved efficiency

    An optimised cloud enables your employees to complete processes quicker, allowing them to meet deadlines more effectively

  • Increased utilisation

    By reviewing your IT budget and optimising your cloud costs, you gain greater knowledge of the cloud services available to you, so you’ll be able to utilise additional services

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Michaela Gray

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