Your guide to navigating the VMware vSphere+ licencing evolution

7 September 2023

Michaela Gray


In the world of IT infrastructure, licencing models have the power to shape an organisation’s operational landscape. VMware have adopted a per-core licencing model for its VMware vSphere+ suite, which means that subscriptions are more tailored to the specific needs of organisations, simplifying the management process. Discover everything you need to know about VMware purchase subscriptions within our handy guide.




The shifting landscape of VMware Licencing

The most common licence these changes will be a consideration for is VMware vSphere. This is now available to be purchased as a new subscription known as vSphere+, or by upgrading your existing licences to subscription.

vSphere+ can be purchased as vSphere+ standard or vSphere+. As part of the new subscription model, VMware have altered the licence metric from per CPU to per Core. This is a big change in how VMware will be metering the usage of vSphere, in the previous licencing construct, the acquisition of licences was based on the total number of CPUs that a physical host server would have. With the shift to Core-based licensing, VMware requires organisations to licence a minimum of 16 cores per CPU.

VMware customers going through the transition from CPU to Core based licencing have been granted the ability to purchase the minimum of 16 cores per CPU for the initial agreement. However, upon renewal of the agreement, the customer is expected to buy the difference, which is often a significant increase in subscription cost.

Customers will not be affected by these changes until their renewal date has been reached. This extra time gives VMware users the opportunity to continue operating under the older processor-based licencing model until they are ready to transition to the new core-based model, while also reviewing how the change in licencing could impact you.


Empowering transformation with License Dashboard

As these licencing changes are happening, the use of IT Asset Management (ITAM) can be hugely beneficial. The task of optimising software licences, ensuring compliance, managing costs, and extracting maximum value from IT investments is vital for organisations like yours. By utilising our modern ITAM solution, you will navigate these changes with ease.

Comprehensive evaluation partner: our ITAM specialists conduct meticulous evaluations of your existing hardware infrastructure and software, enabling you to anticipate the potential impact of the licencing transformation well in advance of renewal triggers

Strategic renewal guidance: we empower organisations like yours to time renewal decisions strategically. By harmonising these choices with budget cycles and software upgrade plans, your organisation will make well-informed decisions amid licencing shifts

Informed cost-benefit analysis: by meticulously weighing the transition costs against the scalability and compatibility benefits of the new licencing model, our specialists ensure your organisation makes choices aligned with your strategic objectives

Cultivating future-ready strategies: beyond the immediate licencing transformation, we assist in sculpting forward-thinking ITAM strategies. This encompasses not only the current cost implications but also the scalability and future financial dynamics

With our team of ITAM specialists, your organisation will confidently embrace this evolution. By staying apprised, evaluating choices, and harnessing insights, you will seamlessly navigate the shifting terrain of VMware vSphere+ licencing, ensuring optimal utilisation of IT investments.

If you require assistant with any upcoming licencing changes with VMware, our specialists are here to help with the transitional period, ensuring your organisation settles into the changes with confidence.

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