How You Could Benefit from Microsoft’s New Security Bundles

4 January 2019

Ben Simpson


Microsoft has announced that two new security focused bundles to compliment Microsoft 365 subscriptions will be released next month in the US.

The two packages are expected to line up as: Identity and Threat Management package (containing Advanced Threat Protection functionality for Defender and Office 365) and the Information Protection and Compliance (containing Azure Information Protection and Office 365 Advanced Compliance).

These are all features of the highest-level all-inclusive Microsoft 365 E5 subscription but not within the more common Microsoft 365 E3 subscriptions, therefore giving customers a suite discount on these desirable products that give control over devices and data to enable a GDPR compliant user-centric estate underpinning flexible working strategies.

Currently there is no confirmation whether the packages will be rolled out worldwide following an initial release in the US.

Releasing these packages allows customers to gain additional functionality to adhere to Information Security regulations and implement BYOD and other flexible working initiatives, while benefiting from a suite discount.  This opens up potential cost efficiencies within a customer’s Microsoft procurement method as the break point of procuring individual components vs the cost of E5 has decreased. This is due to this new suite discount allowing customer who do not require the high-level functionality in Microsoft 365 E5 such as Skype for Business Voice and Phone.

This new line up opens an opportunity to re-configure your current Microsoft procurement method and attach this additional security to all users or even a subset of “power users” who would benefit from additional flexibility.

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Ben Simpson

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