License Dashboard’s Analyst Review at ITAM Review

24 September 2020

Sean Robinson


License Dashboard is delighted to have had its ITAM toolset appraised for the third time by ITAM Review. Since the first review in 2012, the platform has continuously been developed and has evolved into a comprehensive ITAM solution to meet the growing demands of maturing ITAM roles. License Manager and License Dashboard Portal (LD Portal) enables SAM Managers to become a strategic partner for C-Suite decision-makers.

Inventory & Discovery

License Dashboard has always been discovery and inventory source agnostic, consuming data from incumbent IT management toolsets without the costs associated with buying, deploying and maintaining additional agents or technologies. Whilst we do have our own leading agent-based and agentless discovery tools should they be required; data from over 70 solutions such as Microsoft SCCM, VMware vCenter, Active Directory and Lansweeper can be enriched by our extensive software libraries to become both meaningful and useful in all areas of ITAM not just compliance.

“Flexible discovery via agent, agentless, and hybrid approaches are a key strength of this product.” – AJ Witt, The ITAM Review

Data Quality

Many business decisions and practices are reliant upon ITAM data, any gaps in quality or completeness introduce financial risk through inadvertent error or missed opportunity. Our audit centric approach, seamlessly combining data from multiple sources, allows you to fill in those gaps and complete the picture of your estate with all of its risks and opportunities


From SMEs without dedicated ITAM teams to full-scale enterprises and customers with 175,000 seats, we offer an intuitive and low-maintenance approach to presenting ITAM data.


We are proud that LD Portal meets requirements for Business Intelligence & Reporting for modern ITAM teams by balancing user requirements with data security

“License Dashboard Portal, is the standout highlight of this product and puts it significantly ahead of many of its competitors.” – AJ Witt, The ITAM Review

Powered by Qlik technology, LD Portal provides access to the in-depth, real-time data held in License Manager via intuitive visualisations. Data access is tailored for distinct user personas, this ensures data is always relevant to the stakeholder and where it might be sensitive, from a commercial or legislative perspective, controlled. For instance, C-Suite users served with holistic visualisations of performance, risk and opportunity, whereas IT can see more detailed information. Department-specific data can be accessed to department managers who are in charge of their own IT budgets. This is all accessible via the platform itself, rather than exported spreadsheets using SQL syntax, which protects sensitive data and meets regulatory demands.

User & Subscription licencing

Our partnership with Binadox enables managing SaaS per-user licence assignments and consumption, along with dedicated optimisation for Microsoft Office 365 as well as an integration for bringing in Microsoft Azure usage information.

License Manager 12 & LD Portal

User experience is at the forefront of our products, and aligns with BI reporting toolsets such as Tableau, Qlik, and PowerBI.

“It is best-in-class and sets a benchmark for other ITAM toolsets.” – AJ Witt, The ITAM Review

Rather than spending a day a month exporting data into other tools to prepare reports, License Manager 12 & LD Portal makes this all available.

Thanks to AJ Witt, The ITAM Review for his Analyst Review. See what our customers say about us too.

Sean is a pioneer of SAM with over 20 years’ experience in software licensing compliance. He developed our industry leading, software asset and license management tool, License Manager, delivering SAM services to some of the largest companies in the world.

Sean Robinson

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