Which Windows 365 plan do I need for my business?

13 August 2021

Ben Simpson


With Windows 365 now available, we take a look at the different features, plans and pricing available, and which level is the right fit for different types of organisations.

Designed to deliver a “full, personalized PC experience from the cloud to any device”, Windows 365 became generally available to businesses of all sizes from August 2nd and has been introduced to provide more security for hybrid working. The cloud-based system allows users to stream the entire Windows experience, including apps, data and settings to any device as long as it is registered with Microsoft Cloud.

For companies looking to take advantage of the remote Windows deployment, Windows 365 will be licensed via per user, per month pricing. There are two editions available; Business, which is aimed at SMEs; and Enterprise, which is geared towards larger organisations.

Windows 365 Business

Naturally, Windows 365 Business is a much simpler version than Enterprise, and is designed for businesses with 300 users or fewer. Because everything works with Azure AD natively and all components run inside the Microsoft Cloud, companies don’t need an existing Azure subscription or domain controller.

While it may not have some of the more advanced tools and features of the Enterprise iteration, realistically it probably does what most SMEs need it to. It’s also going to be easier and quicker to set up too, not requiring any technological prerequisites.

Windows 365 Enterprise

Unsurprisingly, Windows 365 Enterprise offers far more complex and sophisticated tools and features than Windows 365 Business, especially in relation to maintenance and security. Some of the main additional features include:

  • Self serve upgrades
  • Custom images and image management
  • Universal print integration
  • Partner and programmatic enablement

It does, of course, require more technical expertise to deploy and manage. However this can always be outsourced, just remember to factor this into your budget and timeframes.


There’s a full scale of pricing depending not just on whether you select Business or Enterprise, but also which hardware configurations you need, and these range all the way from £17 per user per month, up to £134.60 per user per month.

See the full pricing structure here.

Microsoft is already welcoming feedback from users in the Windows 365 tech community, where users can submit ideas for features, as well as vote for their favourite suggestions.

If you want to discuss the best licencing options to migrate to W365, contact us to have a discussion with a team of licencing consultants that can find the most efficient path for transition

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Ben Simpson

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